Administrator REsponsibilities

As the Fellowship Group Administrator, you oversee the organization of general group communications and the details of the group’s weekly Fellowship Meal. You may be the point-person for other activities of the group (outside of the Fellowship Meal), though you shouldn't do everything yourself–delegation is your friend!

The ideal person for this role is gifted in administration and is good at delegating responsibilities.

1. Organize general group communication

Fellowship Groups are meant to exist far beyond the weekly Fellowship Meal. Our hope is that members interact with each other regularly throughout the week, like a healthy immediate family. You can decide with the group the best way to stay in communication with each other. Some key pieces of correspondence are:

  • weekly Fellowship Meal details (change of location, upcoming Second Sundays, etc.)
  • potluck sign-ups
  • prayer requests
  • other upcoming events

So far, Facebook Groups have worked alright...the goal is simply to use whatever tools are most accessible to everyone. Group texts get annoying pretty quickly. (We hope to eventually move to a centralized church database with social capabilities–we'll keep you posted!) Please make sure that whatever it takes, group members are able to get a hold of each other when needed!

2. Organize Fellowship Meal potlucks and supplies

You are welcome to use whatever communication avenues you'd like for the potluck (Facebook Groups,, etc.). You can choose to organize themed meals, or bring-anything-you-want meals. If you're concerned about having enough food on a particular week (e.g., signups are low or you're expecting several visitors), feel free to use a church Dominos gift card to supplement the meal. (Talk to Jared if you don't have one!) But also remember, no one will starve if they have a lighter-than-usual meal. Sometimes not having enough food provides opportunity to encourage the group to bring a more generous amount! Lastly, remember that we never want someone to feel unable to participate because it creates a financial burden, so be mindful that we're not just a church for people with plenty, but for those in need! (You may need to periodically communicate this.)

It is your responsibility to make sure the group has the necessary plates, cups, napkins, utensils, etc. for each meal, and communion supplies! (This is a great responsibility to delegate!) You can decide with the Host whether the supplies will be kept at their house or if someone will need to bring them every week. A supply of all these items will be kept in the Dragoun garage–free for your taking whenever you need to replenish!

Also, please make sure that you, or someone else, is given the task of preparing the communion elements (pouring the juice and/or breaking the bread on a plate) as the person leading communion may or may not expect to do this.

3. Provide information to new members

If there is someone new to the group who is looking for details (directions, what to bring, etc.), you will be the point-person to provide this info. You may be one of the first people in the church they interact with, so make sure to be your welcoming self and offer to answer any questions they may have!