All members of the body of Christ are equally as important (1 Cor 12:14-27); However, at NoHo Church we have identified four particular roles which will be a minimum set to help begin and maintain our Fellowship Groups: administrator, host, facilitator and spiritual oversight. Beyond these roles, each group will have a unique blend of gifts, passions, and talents–all used to help the Body grow so that it builds itself up in love (Eph 4:11-16)!


The Fellowship Group Administrator is the member who organizes general group communications and the details of the group’s weekly Fellowship Meal. This also may be the point-person for other activities of the group (outside of the Fellowship Meal).


The Fellowship Group Host is the member who provides the primary gathering space for the group’s weekly Fellowship Meal, usually their home. They are not only someone who agrees to open their home, but enjoys having people over and has the space to meet!


The Fellowship Group Facilitator is the member who is the "voice" of the group’s weekly Fellowship Meals. They are not only an "emcee," directing the components of the gathering, but someone who leads discussion and invites participation from the rest of the group.


The Fellowship Group Spiritual Overseer is the member who provides prayer and biblical guidance for the group. They provide a foundation of support that helps the group stay on course with doctrine and application.