Host Responsibilities

As the Fellowship Group Host, you are the member who provides the primary gathering space for the group’s weekly Fellowship Meal, usually a home (but doesn't have to be). You are not only someone who agrees to open your home, but you should enjoy having people over and have a decent amount of space to gather the group. (You will also have to be okay with household items periodically getting dirty or broken!) Though the Fellowship Meal will most often be held at your home, you should periodically ask other people to host (and in doing so, you may even be able to identify a host for a future Fellowship Group)!

The ideal person for this role is gifted in hospitality and won't be worn out by people coming over on a weekly basis.

1. Prepare your space for the Fellowship Meals

This probably goes without saying, but we hope that you will prepare your gathering space in a way that is inviting. You don't need to have a model home, and it doesn't need to be spotless, but you'll definitely want to keep things tidy and provide a setup that accommodates the gathering (a food-serving area, plenty of seating, etc.); More than anything, we just want people to feel welcomed (which probably goes along with your gifting)!

If your group has small children involved, make sure to remove the valuable/breakable items from your main meeting space, and it will be helpful to have some low-noise, age-appropriate toys available. As much as we want the kids to be involved in the time of edification at the Fellowship Meal (especially as they get older), it is helpful to have a separate space, close-by, where smaller children can quietly play with a couple of adults keeping an eye on them, and or napping areas if needed.

You can work out with your Fellowship Group administrator whether you or someone else should store the shared meal supplies (e.g., plates and napkins). If you need extra chairs or tables, let Jared know–the church can provide these for you!

2. Help as needed during the gathering

If somebody didn't bring a can opener, somebody else had a spill, and a new member is having trouble finding your address–it's your home, so you know what to do!  Don't forget to enlist help from other people as much as you can (and as they get to know your home), but some things will come up that you are the most obvious person to help with. Just be prepared to serve.

3. Ask for help to clean up

We are the Family of God, and it's okay for your brother to do the dishes and your sister to take out the garbage. Don't hesitate to ask, and to let people know how you like things to be done in your home.